Collection vibes

Designed by Enrico and Viola Tonucci the new collection is made of furnishing pieces with an aesthetic figure that tends to a slightly ironic divertissement of the form, in a game of inspiration taken from natural images, historical icons and symbolic elements that evoke new sensorial and imaginative experiences. They are objects out of the ordinary in shapes and materials – all natural and of the highest quality – as well as in the excellence of craftsmanship and technology used for the production process. The design, original and strongly identifying, can be customized and adjusted according to customers’ requirements, even to the point of getting a unique bespoke piece.


Carrara white marble trestle designed to support tops in glass, wood, marble or other materials. The lines – rigorous and square- design a upside down U letter. The only whim is a decoration on the sides that evokes An ancient roman frieze readable as two symbolic wings that make the top (better if in glass) float in the space. One, two or more trestles can be used to hold the top that can be customized according to the architects choice. Dimensions: cm 72x32xh70. Designer Enrico Tonucci


A mirror that can be a portal to an imaginary world, proposed for an extremely scenic furnishing . Its shape is organic and it reproduces the sea waves (hence the name). Its look is warm and enveloping thanks to its thick frame, covered with leather. The frame cover and the dimensions of the mirror are customizable according to the interior designers’ preferences. Dimensions: cm 120x3xh20. Designer Viola Tonucci


The re-designed classic director’s chair. Made of solid black walnut or iroko wood. The back and the seat can be made of full grain leather, frosted leather, fabric and customers’ fabric. The armrests are always in leather, full grain or frosted. The joints are in stainless steel and the structure is in brushed polished aluminium, anticorodal treated. Dimensions: cm 43x58xh72. Designer Enrico Tonucci


A sculpture-shaped ottoman seat– already in production – turns into MAONE, a sculpture seat made of strong natural woven leather that defines its shape and functionality as an ottoman. The leather is treated with natural tannings. Dimensions and finishing can be bespoke. Dimensions: cm 160x56xh42. Designer Viola Tonucci

Weaved Mao

The leather is folded with a new design as in the Origami art: through this gesture, we are able to create and engrave its shape. Made in natural leather woven by hand. Mao was awarded with honourable mention at the Young & Design contest, Milano, in 2011. Dimensions: cm 72x42xh42. Designer Viola Tonucci


It evokes the old tradition of hand-woven baskets. CANESTRO is a side table, a seat and a container, and it’s made of solid ash tree wood or black walnut wood, by CNC process and finished by hand. Tray/Lid in wood or marble. Canestro: type small table /seat /container Dimensions: cm 43xh41. Designer Enrico Tonucci