Collection vibes

The Nomadic Collection projects are created to accompany us everywhere, indoor as well as outdoor, to be folded and “packed” even for a last minute trip. Elegant by nature, they are based on timeless classical models redesigned with the highest care for details, using premium all natural materials.


A reinterpretation of a classic director chair. Made of solid black walnut or iroko wood. The back and the seat can be made of full grain leather, frosted leather, stone-washed 100% cotton fabric or bespoke fabric, at customer’s choice. The armrests are in leather, full grain or frosted. In the pic: Black walnut structure and full grain leather, Chocolate colour.


side table inspired by the Branda lines. Made of solid balck walnut or iroko wood, with leather support belts. The trays are in two different sizes and they define the height of the Brandino.

Dino 2.0

A tribute to Dino Gavina who rediscovered this beautiful piece of unknown design and put it back in production in 1974. Tonuccidesign rethinks this folding chair enlarging its proportions and significantly increasing the comfort of the seat. The brushed aluminium details, the wood essences and the fabrics are chosen and treated with the utmost care. The very special feature of this chair is that it can be folded and stored in its own bag that is also the chair’s back. In the picture: Black walnut structure and ice-grey stone-washed 100% cotton fabric.


The origin of this lounger dates back to ancient times and it was most probably used as a travel camp bed. The structure is made of solid black walnut wood and the suspended seat can be in full grain or frosted leather, stone-washed 100% cotton fabric or bespoke fabric. Branda is foldable to be easily stored when not used. In the picture: Branda in full grain Cognac colour leather and black walnut.